“Eddie Oliva in Scala (Amalfi coast)”

In 2008 Eddie had a concert in his birthtown Scala on the Amalfi Coast. It made the news on Canale 5.

“Italfest Toronto – Volare”

Here follows three videos from a live concert in Toronto for 10 000 italians, televised in Canada.

“Italfest i Toronto – O Surdate ‘Nnammurato”

“Italfest Toronto – Maria Mari”

“Concert at Nybrokajen 11, A città e Pulicenella”

Eddie in concert with the most beautiful Neapolitan songs.

“My song dedicated to Stockholm”

The video is filmed with my good friend Salvatore Nicastro, director of the famous Italian restaturant “Michelangelo” in the Old town of Stockholm.

“Bingolotto’s ten years anniversary”

Eddie celebrates the gaming show Bingolotto with a special song.

“Lasse Berghagen and I”

This is a fun video from the film about my life “Sulle ali della musica” (On the wings of music) produced in 1990. Here is a scene when I return to Sweden after a vacation in Amalfi and my good friend Lasse Berghagen (one of Sweden’s most famous persons), welcomes me in his own way. The two songs are mine, with a little help from Lasse in the second one.

“Cyndee Peters and I”

“Vara vänner” is my biggest hit reaching no 1 in the Swedish top charts. It has been translated to Finnish and Norwegian. This is the original recording with Cyndee Peters.

“Paolo, Salvatore, David and I”

Watch this scene from “David Rocco’s Dolce Vita” when my brothers Paolo and Salvatore argue on which is the real neapolitan pizza.


I dedicate my song to my beautiful Amalfi coast and to all my friends from Amalfi in the world.

“Bella Notte”

Bella Notte with Lotta Engberg at Liseberg, TV4

“IKEA is not only an institution, for me it is an inspiration.”

The song is called “The bus to IKEA” and it is a story about a man who lost his love, takes the bus to IKEA to refurnish his apartment, and finds his new love Svea who works as a cashier in IKEA.